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Sun 16th April 2017
Posts like this brtihgen up my day. Thanks for taking the time. [url=]mffqjmq[/url] [link=]bdvziyzy[/link]
Sat 15th April 2017
Glad I've finally found soihetmng I agree with!
Fri 14th April 2017
Why do I bother calnilg up people when I can just read this! [url=]blcckk[/url] [link=]sfprtij[/link]
Sat 11th March 2017
Now that's subelt! Great to hear from you.
Sun 22nd January 2017
Lovely, thanks Ed for all the reports on First 40
Loved your website.
Phil Gilmour
Mon 23rd May 2016
Thanks Ed for sharing yet another amazing new talent with us.
I have really enjoyed browsing your shed and the boxes and the stories around them.
My Tiger Box is also one of my most treasured gifts ever.
Thank you Eddie.
Milly Haestier
Tue 17th May 2016
All I can say is WOW!
When you put it all together like that it boggles the mind, how did you fit it all in in one lifetime?

Love Milly
John B
Mon 25th April 2016
Thanks for sharing Eddie, really nice site.
I need to come and visit soon, let me know when.
Mon 25th April 2016
When I eventually grow up I want to be like you!

Thank you for sharing your hard earned skills.

Sun 24th April 2016
Ed thanks for sharing your world. Always enjoy visiting your shed and hope to invite you to my shed soon
Sheila Knight
Sat 23rd April 2016
To my dearest obsessed brother ! I was one of the lucky ones and got one of your early works. My box is very special to me. I think the perfectionism is a family thing - I remember Mom saying "if you are going to do something do it properly or not at all" !!! It was also fascinating to fill in some of the blanks of the years when we lived in other parts of the country.
Enjoy all your lovely toys and your very productive retirement. Love you lots & lots Sheila
Box No. 8
Sat 23rd April 2016
The box is made of wood, the hand guided by a true gift and when combined the heart and soul of a life long friendship. Thanks Mr. Ed.
Fri 22nd April 2016
Well done
Fri 22nd April 2016
You are very talented Eddie
Mike Paterson
Fri 22nd April 2016
Must come see your work one day
Robin Horn
Fri 22nd April 2016
When Eddie does something he does it properly and with passion. He masters new techniques in the process which would scare us lesser mortals: And he completes his goals. Well done my old dear friend.
My Hog Box, presented to me at Christmas 2005, is one of my most treasured possessions.
Christopher Gilmour
Fri 22nd April 2016
Congratulations on a great webpage - another creative challenge/obsession mastered. We are so proud of our box and can attest to the wonderful craftmanship of the finished product. In so many ways you are brilliant!
Wed 20th April 2016
Welcome to my Journal - I hope you enjoy your visit
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