This project took about 8 months to complete. The pegs and finger board are African Blackwood, body is Boire and the neck West Indian Satinwood
I made a collection of hand scrapers from larger ones and mastered the art of sharpening these fine tools.
I had my old Chinese violin to copy which helped a lot with dimensions, chisels had to be super sharp.
I engraved Teague’s name about 2mm deep and filled it with black sawdust and epoxy and finished off with a scraper.
The finished project
The scroll was particularly challenging, beautiful grain but as hard as a rock - the popular choice of wood is Maple but I couldn’t find a suitable sample.
Teague inherited her great grandfather's musical genes, she plays guitar and violin like a natural. I started violin quite late in life but have sadly packed it in since arthritis took over. Nevertheless Teague and I were able to play the odd duet and had fun. Making the violin was a huge challenge, especially the scroll and overcoming the poor choice of materials. The final presentation to an unexpecting family gathering made it so worthwhile, a special moment in my life.
For my granddaughter Teague before they emigrated to New Zealand in November 2017. Little did I know that the choice of material would be so challenging, the West Indian Satinwood was beautiful, but hard & difficult to work, the Boire looked great too but too late I found that it was not resilient.
There is a YouTube video of the build HERE