Plan view of My Shed
An overview of the woodshop with table saw and Jet Drum Sander behind. The vacuum system piped from the next room
The main woodwork bench - one can never have enough clamps I'm told, I have over 140!
One can never have enough TAPE MEASURES either - now I can have one in each corner and never have to search
Power tools are plugged in and ready to use behind me. The cordless tools are also on hand in holders to the right of the bench
The FINE WORK AREA has good lighting and has most of the fine tools to hand. The Quorn tool grinder, small tool carousel and electronic stuff is near here as well. The vacuum source piped from the central system on the top right.
Usefull carousel for small tools made from plastic tubing
The Ryobi jig saw and belt/mini disk sanders have been hugely modified with new motors, square surfaces and shared variable speed drive for super accurate low speed work.
Storage area - awesome full aperture drawers with heavy duty slides (note OCD colour codes)
The non-woodworking room has the Optimum milling machine and Myford lathe. A less dusty air-conditioned environment.
The DRO, vacuum cleaning system and full aperture drawers makes life complete.
The spindle for the mill had no way of hand rotation or locking except with huge spanners - This handwheel provided for both of these functions.
A really solid table saw - super accurate and strong.
There are 4 disk sanders and 3 belt sanders of various grits in all - each get regular use for various applications
The welding table has both Arc welding, Oxy-Acetyline welding and Butane torch plus associated tools to hand.
Thicknesser planer also has a vacuum source overhead.
This homemade thicknesser and precision mitre disc sled had a lot of use during box making.
The hand fed thicknesser produced accurate results and fine finish across any knotting. The mitre carriage with hand traverse & micro advance produces precise 45 deg corners & accurate stock lengths every time.
Jet abrasive drum thicknesser with variable speed conveyor - How did I ever live without it.
My special Myford - ocupied my waking hours for over 40 years. Many attachments were added over time including a variable speed drive and digital readout this year.
Abrasive cutoff and disk sander for metalwork. Note the rotating tool grinders - there are 4 different wheels to choose from
New projects to get this drill-mill up and running with a CNC conversion and a 2D CNC polystyrene hot wire cutter (verticle sheets)
Wood store - A libray of some super rare hard woods and figured samples to choose from collected from all corners over many years.
PC workstaion with fast internet and three large 4k screens - real pleasure to quietly hide away here. New acquisition a 3D printer
A central vacuum system installed next door is piped to each machine together with local shutoff valves at each point. A 'garage door' remote allows switching on vacuum from anywhere in the Shed.
Full aperture drawers allows access to an entire range of tools at once
Colour coded drawers (?)
Stock of Aluminium
Stock of PVC - Tufnol - Nylon et el
Drill bits and hand de-burring tools - I love my shop!
Tormek wet grinding with diamond lap wheel produces scary-sharp tools and Jet oscillating cylindrical sander from 10 - 60mm Dia.
The standard Eastern band saw and a really old hacksaw donkey
The workhorse 'proper' bandsaw from Germany and chop saw behind that can be wheeled out for use.  Sheet metal shears and 4 ton Fly Press - very handy