This obsession started with a jewellery box (#1) for my daughter Bronwyn's birthday gift
(after seeing my friend Charles Hepburn's jewellery box he had made for his daughter about 1998).
True friends are just such a special gift.
Each box was made as a surprise gift for special people in my life. As time went by I learned new techniques
from experimenting, the internet and developed some methods of my own using marquetry, Intarsia, Chip
carving, "Sink & Fill" and so on. As the complexity increased so did the time to complete
(#14 took over 400 hours spread over a 2 year period).
It followed on from there in ever increasing detail, complexity and obsession
which after16 years is now waning a little.
Some of the Techniques used

#1 - for Bronwyn #2 - the Butterfly #3 - for Kathy #4 - Flame #5 - for Milly #6 - Harold Hogg #7 - Osiris
#8 - the Geisha #9 - the Samurai #10 - Olive #11 - the Sankofa #12 - Cherry Blossom #13 - the Tiger #14 - Amish
#15 - Karri #16 - Kelin #17 - Yae han #18 - Tango
So far 18 boxes have been completed. Select a picture for more information. There is an overview of each box and a more
in-depth description on some
and a VIDEO on #18.