Box #9 The SAMURAI  for my son Martin - more than 350 hours.
Shushi knives from Japan in the Damascus style.
Stunning Pau Marfim and Pink Ivory
The Samurai Nobu model used for the design. Possibly Samurai Arima Harunobu Lord of Shimabara who died in 1612
Martin in Japanese across the sun with his birthdate hand engraved along the bottom. Detail of the spring loaded catches.
Parts made for the two catches that press in at each front corner
Japanese Shushi knives made in the Damascus style used for making Samurai swords.
Standard 0,6mm veneer, Marquetry using “window method”. Inscription “Martin” inside the Japanese sun and his birth date in Japanese (Katana).
Dec 2007 - April 2008 >350 hours
For my son Martin Power on his 21st Birthday - 2nd April 2008. Pink Ivory, Pau Marfim (top), African Blackwood, Lacewood, Burr Walnut, Bur Oak, Zebrano, Swiss Pear, Mahogany Flame Curl, Bird’s Eye Maple & Sycamore.
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