The inscription - Piitaa, Pooriin, Ed-ee - was hand carved and filled with African Blackwood sawdust and epoxy
The pink Ivory for the skirt has a magnificent grain. The arms were cut from a peice of Aromatic Cedar with natural lines that fitted the curves.
Here one can see the stunning chartouyance of the Pau Marfim. Piitaa, Pooriin, Ed-ee in Japanese.
The box contains a set of steak knives. The carcass is from a beautiful specimen of Bubinga with many beautiful deep shadows.
Steak knives in Bubinga with Pau Marfim face. Inspired after reading Memoires of a Geisha. The inscription Peter, Pauline & Eddie (Piitaa, Pooriin, Ed-ee - Katakana Japanese). Hand sawn veneer about 1mm thick, exquisite grain in the Pink Ivory and Aromatic Cedar (arms).   More Details here
For my dear friends Peter and Pauline Mann. On Peter’s birthday 8th August 2007. Bubinga, African Blackwood, Pink Ivory, Lacewood, Aromatic Cedar, Maple, Pau Marfim.
Dec 2006 - Aug 2007 about 350 hours.
Download a PDF of the build