Box # 7 Osiris - Yellowwood top/bottom and Spalted Maple sides.
Osiris and Isis
Set on a beautifully grained peice if Yellowwood
The label that was placed under the box
The Yellowwood grain was extremely random which made the lid unstable, the African Blackwood reinforcing solved the problem. The lid is held down with magnets.
OSIRIS God of the underworld, guardian of the dead, brother & husband of the mother God ISIS who are children of Geb & Nut and the parents of Horus.    (Gotta love this stuff).

                                     A Wusthof carving set 
A trip to Egypt in 2001 left a huge impression on me which started the research for this project using Spalted Maple, Yellowwood and African Blackwood with veneers of Pink Ivory, Burr Walnut, Ash, Mahogany Flame-curl, Lacewood, Maple and Zebrano in 2006, a box for myself.