Box #2 for Tricia - the veneer is about 2mm thick
A single layer tray which rests on the lower corner spline.
I took much pleasure in making this box which was presented with much surprise during a weekend in Greyton celebrating her birthday.
Close up of the butterfly which was 'butterflied' from the same piece of Camphor. The pungent Camphor smell is evident sometimes when the box is opened after being closed for a while.
A jewellery box for a very special person in my life who loves butterflies.
My 1st attempt using thick chunky veneers, difficult to work with.

This set the scene for this obsession of boxes for special people in my life.
For Tricia Pearson on her birthday in 2000. Yellowwood, Pau Marfim, Chamfer, Swiss Pear, African Blackwood.