A jewellry box for my daughter Tracy - part intarsia and part marquetry
Pau Marfim top with Bubinga carcass
Handmade hinges in Pau Marfim
The suit is Boekenhout, the dress Pink Ivory and a classic piece of Aromatic Cedar for the intarsia hair. The hat from Ilala Palm, the jewel is a Swaroski Crystal.
The completed box - A complete surprise with much emotion from both Tracy and myself - that sort of makes it all worthwhile  .........
A jewellery box. A combination of Intarsia and Marquetry. Intarsia involves cutting wood with a fret saw into many small pieces, working each piece individually then joining them back together again a time consuming method. Hand cut veneer about 1mm thick for the body, Ilala Palm, a natural fruit that works like ivory for the hat and a classic piece of Aromatic Cedar for the hair. Handmade hinges in Pau Marfim, Bubinga for the sides. Thanks Pinky for help with the design.
For my eldest daughter Tracy Kruger on her 36th Birthday 14th May 2014. Pau Marfim, Bubinga, Swiss Pear, Pink Ivory, Purple Heart, Aromatic Cedar, African Blackwood, Ilala Palm & Boekenhout. October 2012 - May 2014. More than 350 hours.
Download a PDF of the build