Lovely grains and chatoyance from the Flame (Curly) Maple
A special gift for daughter Jennifer (aka teacher Jen)
Detail of the Ilala Palm hand, Maple and Pau Marfim skirt
Detail - African Blackwood shoes. Ilala Palm legs.
Detail, the wood for the head was found while travelling through Russia, described as Acacia (Aкация)
Lovely contrasts of the Pink Ivory and Curly Maple frame
A jewellery box. Inspired by the Intarsia technique I’d seen in much larger works, I set about tackling this project using Intarsia in miniature - it took forever. The method involves cutting a hard grainy wood with a fret saw into many small pieces, working each piece individually then joining them back together again. The Ilala Palm find was the best, a natural fruit that works and looks like ivory, for the skin.
For my daughter Jennifer Power for her
21st birthday, 22nd birthday, ok graduation 22nd June 2012.
Pau Marfim, Cherry (nope, scrap that) Pink Ivory, Jelutong, Maple, Russian wood, Ilala Palm, African Blackwood, Rhodesian Teak, and Curley Maple. Feb 2010 to June 2012. More than 400 hours.
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Download a PDF of the build