Cherry Blossom - a plain box for our long time friends Chris & Ingrid
Bubinga - one of my favourite hardwoods.
Lovely contrast between the Bubinga and Maple grains with Maple splines
Their names in Japanese are hand engraved on the inside.
The Cherry Tree a theme chosen from one of my favourite operas - Puccini's Madam Butterfly.
Original artwork
A plain box for storing anything. Bubinga is one of my favourite woods with a rich grain and marked chatoyance for the sides and Maple for the top. The first iteration used Beech for the top and a totally different design which was later scrapped. The outline of the tree was engraved using a pantograph and dremel tool together with some hand engraving. The tree and blossoms were then filled with sawdust/epoxy and sanded level. Their names in Japanese were engraved on the inside.
For our dear friends Chris & Ingrid Gilmour on their 60th Birthdays in 2009. Spalted European Beech, Maple, Yellowwood, African Blackwood, Spalted Bubinga.
Download a PDF of the build